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tv   MSNBC News Live  MSNBC  October 3, 2010 11:00am-12:00pm EDT

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next on "msnbc sunday," it's a cautionary tale. the u.s. tells americans in europe to be-to-beware of al qaeda. what is behind this morning's
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alert? also ahead, the cause but what's the effect? will yesterday's one nation rally have an impact for democrats at the ballot box next month. and it could be the end of an era in the uk. why the mounted police may soon have to ride off into the sunset of history. good morning, everyone. i'm alex witt. welcome to "msnbc sunday. "the just past 11:00 a.m. out on the eastbound and 8:00 a.m. in the west. the obama administration is telling americans in europe to be extra vigilant. the new travel alert issued by the state department reads in part u.s. citizens are reminded of the potential for terrorists to attack public transportation systems and other tourist infrastructure. u.s. citizens should take every precaution to be aware of their surroundings and to adopt appropriate safety measures to protect themselves when traveling. i'm joined now live by michael isikoff, national correspondent for nbc news. michael, good morning. >> good morning. >> i'm told that you have new information to share. what is that? >> i do.
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european and u.s. security officials and law enforcement officials are actually on the lookout of ifg abodentifying abn al qaeda operatives on the loose in europe as part of this plot hatched in pakistan by osama bin laden himself to attack public places in europe, simultaneous attacks in several european cities. there is specific intelligence about this and that they actually have identified some of the operatives who are believed to be in europe now for this plot. that's the intelligence that led to this rather unusual state department alert that came just today. there's a couple of extraordinary things about it. one is bin laden himself is believed to be actively involved in plotting and gave the instructions for this plot. as one intelligence official
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says to me, we haven't seen his involvement in a specific plot in a very, very long time, and i think that's one of the aspects of this that raised eyebrows as well as just the -- the level of specific intelligence about this goes well beyond what -- what security officials normally get. now, fair to point out and important to point out that there's no specific information about where the targets are, when this attack is supposed to take place, if it's going to take place. there's still a lot of vagueness about this, but it is being taken much more seriously than anything we've seen in quite some time. >> do you get a sense of those that are tracking the suspects knowing where they are, and if so are they waiting to do anything to get further information to use against them? >> look, they are trying to find these people and pulling out all
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the stops as one senior u.s. counterterrorism official told me, you know, all stops are being, you know, everything is being exercised here including national security -- nsa intercepts, the full range and panoply of u.s. and western intelligence. now, you know, look. we've been down this road many times before with security alerts and, you know, many times these things don't pan out. how far this one gets is anybody's guess, but it is -- what is significant is, you know, several times officials have said to me this goes beyond as operational. they believe the plot has begun, and that's one of the reasons that they are taking this step of caution. if you read -- by the way, if you read that state department alert, it's not going to be very helpful to european tourists. >> not at all. >> american tourists in europe right now. it doesn't tell you very much other than be vigilant, be very
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vigilant. >> taking homeland security's mantra of see something and say something and taking it overseas. i'm curious about the osama bin laden factor, michael. >> yes. >> how significant is that? what does that mean potentially to the way al qaeda is running its operations now, and is it different than what we've seen in the past years with failed attempts or really no attempts at all? they have been more on the quiet side and certainly nothing large coming out from them. >> right, right, right. you have almost simultaneously this public relations offensive by bin laden just in the last couple of days. two audio tapes which is interestingly, it's not the usual standard fare rallying about the infidels in the west. he's talking about flood controls and humanitarian efforts. it's almost as if it was a political ad. bin laden is going positive right now, yet at the same time western intelligence has this very specific information about his involvement in orchestrating this plot and directing the plot, in reaching out to allied
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terror groups in pakistan, particular particularly the parties responsibility for the mumbai attacks and logistical support in aiding this plot. something clearly is going often i'm not sure that u.s. intelligence really has a firm grasp on it but to see simultaneously a positive message from bin laden about humanitarian relief at the same time there's this intelligence about an actual plot in europe is -- is pretty extraordinary. >> it is indeed. we thank you for bringing it all to us. our nbc correspondent michael isikoff. thank you. >> thank you. for all the information related to the travel alert in europe logon to from immigration to free speech, many voices have weighed in okay some of the face's most pressing and often contentious topics. now it's time for the supreme court to decide. the new term begins tomorrow with a full docket of controversial issues.
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nbc's mike vaccara is live from the white house. >> reporter: the supreme court convenes for a brand new session and face tomorrow and will be on the bench in the form of elena kagan and joining sonia sotomayor and ruth bader ginsburg, a number of controversial cases, a number involving basic first amendment rights. there's the case of protests at military funerals. you've seen this somewhat obscure and distasteful group out of kansas, go around the country to funerals of fallen soldiers from iraq and afghanistan an conduct anti-gay protests, somehow god's punishment for allowing homosexuals and that's led to the deaths of americans on the battlefield. the father of a soldier in baltimore brought this case and the sale of violent video games
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to minor, a california law involving the first amendment and penalties in arizona. of course, the contention there continually over immigration. penalties against businesses that hire illegal immigrants. that, too, is going to be taken up this fall by the supreme court so a number of provocative and contentious cases to face elena kagan and the other eight justices. >> thanks for the report, mike. >> okay. in california, the two candidates for governor squared off in their second debate. this year the immigration issue is triggering a clash of candidates like never before. nbc's kristen welker reports. >> reporter: gubernatorial candidates meg whitman and jerry brown face off before a largely spanish-speaking audience in fresno as immigration takes center stage. they wasted no time addressing this week's allegations that whitman knowingly employed an undocumented worker, nicky diaz santillion as her decade for nearly a decade >> you put her out there and you should be ashamed of sacrificing
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nicky diaz on the altar of your political ambitions. >> you have blamed her, blamed me, blamed the left, blamed the unions, but you don't take accou accountability. >> she said she asked whitman to gain legal status last year and instead whitman fire last year. >> her attorney, gloria allred said the social security administration sent this letter to whitman in 2003 questioning the housekeeper's citizenship but whitman insists she didn't know there was a problem. >> once griff and i learned she was an illegal worker we had no choice but to let her go and term it nate her employment with us. it was one of the hardest things i have ever had to do. >> political analysts say the dustup could cost whitman votes. her conservative base may see her failure to alert authorities as a sign she is soft on immigration. latino voters could see it as a slap in the face. with get out vote efforts like this one under way, polls show latinos are an increasingly
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powerful voting bloc with california republicans struggling to gain their support. the former ceo of ebay has spent a record $119 million out of her own pocket launching campaign ads, many that target hispanic voters. jerry brown has spent a fraction of that, but he is one of the most recognizable political figures in this state, serving as the current attorney general and governor 30 years ago. it's a rafs cce of contrast. >> many people believe in my vision for california. >> we've come in with this model. >> with decision day a month away, one question looms, will a house keeper's story derail a candidate in this razor tight race? kristen welker, nbc news. >> stay on top of the races playing out nationwide.
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check out our political plaj at a flight was held up on a frontier airlines flight because it was believed that a child on board had foot and mouth disease. nearly half of a north carolina town sunday water. an emergency response team says it will be several more days before they get cleared out there. tropical storm nicole dropped up to 23 inches of rain in parts of state, and flooding in some areas of windsor is 6 feet deep. the river that runs through that town began flooding thursday and has forces dozens from their homes. for a look at sunday forecast around the country, let's go to the weather channel's danielle banks. >> we are still going to be seeing rain across areas of the mid-atlantic and across the northeast. you can see those temperatures spanning across the 50s for the beginning of the beak so we're still tapping into moisture and
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it's not going to hang out for monday and tuesday, but we'll still be dealing with alittle bit of this even coming up into wednesday. new york city, low to mid-60s. burlington shortly behind that in the upper 50s. upper 50s as well for buffalo but a little bit drier in your neck of the woods. for monday across the west, we're still going to be kicking, seeing warm temperatures across areas of the rockies before the frontal boundary brings in changes and heavy rounds of rain for places like salt lake city. you'll be in the low 70s. l.a. a couple of degrees below the seasonal average but low 70s. i think you can handle it better than that 113 we just recently saw so by wednesday we're still continuing to see moisture across the four concerns region so areas of arizona and new mexico, still going to be getting quite damp. here's the hot to no. definitely want to dimension what we just saw in such a small span of time. temperatures end of september in l.a., 113 and then take a look
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at monday's temperature. mid-70s which, again, is just a couple of degrees cooler than average, but i would have to say more people than not in l.a. would take the mid-70s versus the above 100 so you'll have to be the judge on that and let us know. have a great day. >> okay, danielle. thanks much for that. to see what the forecast is wherever you are, you can always head to it was a rousing political rally full of hope and enthusiasm, but will it produce a victory for democrats in november? that's ahead on "msnbc sunday."
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britain's iconic mounted police force could be a thing of the past. tight budgets have forced the departments to reconsider the police horses which, according to the cheryl of the police federation, are, quote, very expensive. right now there are 16 remaining
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mounted sections, the largest belonging to the metropolitan police in london. according to "the london sunday times" they spend 11 million pounds a year to maintain which is 17.5 million u.s. less than a month till the mid-terms and thousands rallied yesterday in washington for a coordinated push for jobs and the economy. with the economy still pushing the agenda will it help the get out the vote. no secret the democrats are concerned about energizing the base and get out vote. did yesterday's rally do anything towards that? >> i think it did, absolutely t.showed a united front and reminded voters who might not have been at the rally sitting at home that they have a clear choice in this year's election. there's been a lot of talk about the mid-terms, about the blood balt the democrats are going to see. i just don't think that's true.
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when you look at polling msnbc recently put out, "newsweek" put out another, it shows that republicans' generic numbers are flat lining at about 46% support. democrats are just below that with 42% or 43% support. if they can just half of the differential between these numbers and what they saw in 2008 and 2006, they can win this election. they can win seats like florida 25, joe garcia's race and nebraska, too, that currently belong to republicans. they could k do all of it if it theses their base. i think the march did just that. >> what about the president in terms of what he can do in terms of the rally to give progressive voters a sign that he's listening? >> i'm not sure he needs to do something in response to the rally that he's not already doing. i think he has clarified this choice. you had the democratic senate pushing through both don't ask, don't tell and the d.r.e.a.m. act which would have allowed thousands of undocumented students to earn a path to
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citizenship, and you have him making a really clear distinction between the democratic philosophy on the economy and the republican philosophy, and i think that is the choice that the president needs to articulate for the voters. i think he's already doing that. >> what if republicans take control of the house, how concerned should democrats be overall that the gop might turn back some of the president's programs and you note first one they will go after is the health care program? >> right, alex. this is one thing that sounds better in theory than in practice because what republicans will have to do is tell everyone who has their 25 or 26-year-old now being able to stay on their parents' insurance that that's over. that they will have to tell seniors who have seen reduced costs in their prescription drugs that that's over, and if they go after wall street reform then they have to position themselves as the best buds of wall street which is not an entirely enviable position so these things sound better in theory than they are in practice. i don't necessarily think we see
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them go after either. >> but if the white house does it more forcefully tackle progressive issues like don't ask, don't tell, will the president potentially suffer a lack of support when he's up for re-election in 2012? >> i think 2012 comes down much like 2012 10 and that's one big issue and that's the economy and where the economy is, so i think if the president and the white house tackle the economy to get things into an even better place than they are right now, it makes it much easier for them to tackle issues like don't ask, don't tell, like immigration, that really rally and activate their progressive base. >> acia menendez with the new democrat network, thanks so much. >> thanks. >> hitting the big screen this weekend, the social networking movie, but that is been keeping ticket takers busy? ♪ going fastr than a roller coaster ♪ ♪ love like yours will surely come my way ♪
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parents and children at a wisconsin town festival experienced a little more exc e excitement than they were
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expecting. the ferris wheel broke down during a ride at the party on the pavement festival. riders were stuck for several hours as fire fighters made sure the ferris wheel was stable. fire fighters cheered as all the riders were taken off safely. the incident sunday investigation. it is the most popular social networking site on the web, and now it is the most popular movie at the box office. >> how did you know that? >> it said on your blog. >> yeah. >> are you all right? >> i need you. >> i'm here for you. >> no, i need the algorithm you use to rank chess players. >> are you okay? >> we're ranking girls. >> you mean other students? >> yeah. >> you think this is such a good idea? >> i need the algorithm. >> all right. >> i need the algorithm. >> joining me live now is dawn yanek editor at live for "live & style" weekly. "the social network" is number one at the box office this
11:26 am
weekend. is it as good as people are saying? >> compelling with all the makings of a good drama, sex, lying and betrayal. written really smartly by aaron sorkin, directed by david fincher. the acting is fantastic from all around from a bunch of people don't know but will so keep these people on the radar. the big question, how is it doing at the box office this weekend? it will easily top the box office in the number one spot, but it will only make around $23 million to $24 million. those are respectable numbers and given the amount of buzz and the universally stellar reviews thought it may have made more. according to industry analysts it's doing really well in big cities like new york and l.a. but the middle of the country not caring so much. >> interesting. >> that will all change because word of mouth is really good. i think will have staying power and believe it or not it's already earning early oscar buzz. >> that's good. is it the it factor of the hollywood actors, the young actors that are in it? are they really kind of the
11:27 am
future? >> this really are, a veritable who's who. jesse eisenberg who holds down the movie as the driven but morally questionable mark zuckerberg, wonderful. justin timberlake, not just bringing section back. he proves he can really act. >> he's good. >> and two newbies we're really watching are andrew garfield who is going to play peter parker in the spider man reboot and rooney mara who will play the title character in "the girl with the dragon tattoo." >> keep your eye on those two, definitely. how about keeping the eye on "39 cases" or "case 39," renee zellweger, a scary movie. what do you think about this one? >> unfortunately, critics have not been very kind to this movie. it's about a creepy kid and a social worker who gets too involved in case 39. it was made in 2006. it was shelved for a few years which, of course, is never a good sign. >> no. >> and this movie and the other new offering this week called "let me in" are probably only going to make $5 million apiece at box office this weekend. they are being beaten out by movies like "the town," and
11:28 am
"wall street" which, of course, have been out for a little while. >> thank you for the advice. sounds like we all should go see "social network." on my list. thank you, dawn. >> thank you, alex. >> two guys from zuckerberg's days at harvard are suing him again after he lost another lawsuit to them what. they want and their chances of getting t.stick around. you're watching "msnbc sunday." ♪ when it's planes in the sky ♪ ♪ for a chain of supply, that's logistics ♪ ♪ when the parts for the line ♪ ♪ come precisely on time ♪ that's logistics ♪ ♪ a continuous link, that is always in sync ♪ ♪ that's logistics ♪ ♪ there will be no more stress ♪
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it is "msnbc sunday." i'm alex witt and at about 31 past the horhere are your fast headlines. the state department has issued a travel alert for americans in europe and they are currently looking for a number of suspected al qaeda members. more on that in a moment. got la's president are condemning the u.s. expersonalities that infected guatemalans with syphilis calling the actions of u.s. researchers more than 50 years
11:32 am
the payment was $94 million. and those are your fast five headlines. more now on that travel alert issued by the state department for u.s. citizens in europe. the alert comes as officials across the continent express concerns about threats from al qaeda, and we have just learned that u.s. and european security officials are currently on the lookout for about ten al qaeda operatives who are believed to be on the loose in europe. the very latest from london. >> reporter: americans are being warned, alex, that there may be
11:33 am
potential terrorist threats in europe and they should be extra vigilant while in public places such as tourist spots and transportation hubs. they are saying take more precautions with your personal security. paris was on high alert. the instruction to americans, be vigilant overseas and followed two evacuations of the eiffel tour in the past two weeks. bomb threats on trains and at subway stations and german intelligence warnings that al qaeda could be preparing mumbai-style terror attacks in major european cities and there's also been a great deal of chatter. e-mail and phone conversations about a possible imminent attack. possible targets include europe's main tourist sites as well as airports, trains and other public transportation hubs. counterterrorism officials here believe bin laden himself is behind this latest plot. there have been two new bin laden audio tapes, although he doesn't make any specific tapes. the alert is not meant to keep americans at home, officials say, but it could have a real
11:34 am
impact on europe's tourism industry. at any one point there are several hundred thousands of americans in europe including students, business people and, of course, tourists so while there is the risk that the economy in europe could be be struck by this alert, not any opposition to it from leaders over here. all right. thank you. pakistan today, a continuing standoff has choked off a major supply route for coalition forces fighting in afghanistan. pakistan is continuing to block a border crossing because it is furious that nato helicopters conducted numerous cross-border raids this week including one raid that left three pakistani soldiers dead. nbc's john yang is in kabul, afghanistan and with a good evening, john, what is the standoff doing the war effort right now and as well to the u.s./pakistani relations? >> reporter: well, it's certainly complicated those relations but as far as the war effort goes, this is now since thursday this border crossing in the famed khyber pass region of
11:35 am
afghanistan, has been closed, 150 trucks with supplies trying to get into afghanistan backed up and more than two dozen fuel tankers well fuel for nato have been attacked and set on fire and nato officials are trying to lower the temperature and trying to lessen the idea that this has a great deal of leverage, that pakistan is experting a great deal of leverage on the united states and the allies. earlier today here in kabul, the top military spokesman for nato said that -- that nato troops have a lot of other options to get supplies. >> we did all the necessary arrangemen arrangements. it's a concern, sure, but does not hamper our operations. >> those are border crossings, not just from pakistan but from the north from turkmenistan and
11:36 am
uzbekistan as well. there is a -- a lot of effort going on now to try to ease the tensions. there is a nato investigative team on the ground in pakistan to investigate the most recent incident that upset the pakistans, the one that came just before the closure of this supply route, and pakistani officials say that this could -- that could reopen, that route could reopen before the end of the week. alex. >> >> okay. nbc's john yang with the update from kabul. thanks, john. new this morning, iran's president is calling for u.s. leaders to be burr any response to threats of a military iraq over tehran's military program. in a speech today, mahmoud ahmadinejad again questioned who was behind the 9/11 attacks and said the attacks gave washington a pre-text for seeking to dominate the region and take its oil wealth. the search continues off the coast of italy for two missing american balloon pilots. according to the italian coast guard, radar records pinpoint the location of the last contact with richard abruzzo and carol
11:37 am
reimer davis. the team was flying over the adriatic sea in rough conditions, part of a hot air balloon razz. the two won the same race back in 2004. in new jersey, rutgers university will hold a vigil for tyler clemento when committed suicide last week after a sexual encounter with a young man and the video being streamed onlined. rehema ellis joins us now. what's the reaction on campus right now? >> reporter: people are trying to move on but conversations are consumed by this tragedy. people on campus and off are struggling to try and understand something that is so hard to comprehend, that is the death of this young student after the alleged actions of some other young students. a moment of silence at rutgers university homecoming came to remember tyler clementi, the 18-year-old freshman who was a
11:38 am
high school honors graduate and a talented musician, killed himself only days after two classmates, one of them his roommate, allegedly used a web cam to secretly videotape clementi in his dorm room in a sexual encounter with another man and live streamed the images over the internet. in california on friday, the funeral of another gay student who committed suicide. 13-year-old seth walsh. >> i just wish people had been nicer to him. >> reporter: in the past month at least five gay teenage verse taken their own lives. shocking deaths that have led to new calls for action. including this one from talk show host ellen degeneres. >> my heart is breaking for their families, for their trends and for our society that continues to let this happen. these kids needed us, and we have an obligation to change this. >> reporter: garrett wiedel was bullied the summer before he started high school after classmates learned he was gay.
11:39 am
>> got text messages like -- they were just horrible like -- it was very depressing. >> reporter: garrett became so distraught he considered taking his own life. >> he called me one day at work and he said i'm in the garage and i have a knife and i don't like myself and i don't like my life. there's no reason to go on. >> reporter: garrett got the help he needed through the trevor project, a national suicide prevention hotline for teenagers struggling with their sexually. >> if you're feeling helpless or hopeless, there's always a safe place to turn. >> reporter: back in new jersey, the parents of tyler clementi, who never got help, issued a written plea. our hope is that our family's personal tragedy will serve as a call for compassion, empathy and human dignity. another tribute last night to tyler clementi, he was supposed
11:40 am
to perform playing violin with the rutgers symphony orchestra. instead they dedicated their first performance last night in his memory, and they left his chair empty. alex? >> how things change so drastically in just a few days. okay. rehema ellis, thank you. it appears younger folks don't have the drive to drive. they are actually driving less these days. motorists aged 21 to 30 account for 13% of all of the miles driven in this country, a 7% drop from 1915, and what's mortgage percentage of 17-year-olds with a driver's license dropped 26% from the years 1978 to 2008. experts say texting has eliminated the need for many teens to get together face to face with their friends and, yes, that is true. a new study says women apologize more than men. researchers in canada say it's really because women are more readily to believe that an apology is in order. they believe that more, i should say. justin biber is not apologizing for his success.
11:41 am
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an 81-year-old man is accused of killing his 92-year-old roommate at a southern california nursing home. investigators arrested william mcdougal after finding the body of his roommate at the home in laguna hills friday night. they say mcdougal allegedly took a metal bar from his closet and repeatedly hit the other man. authorities are looking for a motive, and they say mcdougal does not have any sort of criminal record. he is though being held without bail at a santa anna president. facebook co-founder mark
11:45 am
zuckerberg says the new movie "the social network" is fiction. an ongoing lawsuit claims a pair had the claims to the website with a firm called harvard connect." >> you muss really hate the winklevosses. >> i don't hate anyone. they are not suing me for intellectual property theft. they are suing me because for the first time in their lives things did not work out the way they were supposed to. >> good morning to the two of you. this is so interest, all this, because it brings up all these questions about what is an idea, what is actionable, all this intellectual property. let's talk about the twins, because they did settle. they got like 65 million bucks when they brought the first suits against mark zuckerberg. ? >> now the story is that zuckerberg undervalued the
11:46 am
company when they agreed to settle, and the only way that that lawsuit is fly if there was some fraud involved on zuckerberg's part. they already had their bite at the apple and don't get another one. >> you'll have the 65 million outcome based on what mark zuckerberg, saying i think my company is worst $1 billion. there won't be people figuring that and analyzing that and bringing that to court. >> that's ridiculous. 65 million san awful lot of money. both sides had very sophisticated lawyers and went through this and when they signed the releases, my guess is they were air tight. to prove fraud is version very difficult. i agree. they have to show fraud and intentional fraud. right now the case, they are trying to reopen that settlement. the judge said no. it's on appeal. i agree. >> they think got a bad deal because the company is worth mortgage. >> right. but how do you prove something is an idea, it is your property
11:47 am
and someone else developed it so they stole it from you? i mean, isn't brainstorming and discussions between these guys, who all admittedly worked together for a while, i mean, isn't that part of it? >> in this case there were e-mails that went back when they were at harvard what they wanted to do together and the sense i got is that they kind of agreed to set up a social network system. they didn't use this particular name but basic idea did not -- may have come from the entire group. wasn't just one of the ideas. >> they had some rights or else you're not going to write a $65 million check just because you want to make somebody go away so they probably were able to prove something, but just because they were part of process doesn't mean that they should only process. now what they want is they want, you know, half a billion dollars, and they are not -- >> half a billion. >> they will want more than what they got, and simply without somebody lying, all the experts
11:48 am
lying, i don't think they can reopen this. >> you're talking about this that common sense might dictate what we're saying is true so, jay, where is the law fullness in bringing forth a suit like this, or is it one of those kinds of suits they are saying, you know what? we'll put this out there and try to get the money we can and won't get this into court? >> i have a suspicion it's poverty former as you just discussed. an awful lot of money in facebook. looking back 65 million was not enough, even though it's an enormous sump money and they think they are entitled to more. the suit have real value or nuisance value but once you have a settlement, within a range it's basically over with. >> how much might this help to better define intellectual property because that seems a rather nebulous area at this point? >> intellectual property is such a complex area. you really need to have people sign confidentiality agreements, do the your is and cross your ts
11:49 am
until you get there. >> often timss you brainstorm, wouldn't it be a great idea to do this, this, and this and maybe 99 times out of 100 it will never work. >> doesn't go anywhere. >> but when it goes somewhere, it's too late to go back to the table. >> jay and i brainstormed over starbucks between segments. >> i didn't send her any e-mails. >> cover your tracks, kids. both of you. >> thanks, guys. let's go now to this hour's list of number ones focusing on video, and this selection is called the worst tattoo customer in history. we don't know about that. oh, my gosh. look at this. the screaming did not -- the tattoo art of the eventually, just had it with him. watch this. >> just a minute. if you're going to get persnickety with me. >> you're signature here jumping around messing up your it a too.
11:50 am
it's on your back. ain't on my back. jumping around, acting all crazy, that's on yikes. it was apparent she didn't have much tolerance for him or the pain. okay. now, check out this number one video on it's mike tyson with wayne brady what do you think of tyson's moves there, huh? let's skip ahead. we'll show you bobby brown. go, bobby. ♪ >> why, it's almost like 1988 all over again, i wonder what his new edition pals are doing. that's a quick look at msnbc sunday. we'll be right back.
11:51 am
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let's get a quick check of
11:54 am
what is ahead with the economy tomorrow, the national association of realtors is set to release a report on existing home sales, it will show an increase for the month of august. let's get more on the economy. i'm joined by "the wall street journal" reporter neil irwin joining us from washington. good morning. >> good morning, alex. >> this key report is set to be reletsd about existing homes. are you looking at thumbs up, down or sideways tomorrow? >> what seems to be happening, we're having a bit of a rebound. after that home buyer tax credit expired in the spring, home sales fell off the cliff, they plummet and now they're starting to edge back up, but the housing market is trying to find a bottom and find out what housing is going to look like going forward. >> but in just this last week of september, mortgage applications fell for the fourth straight week so despite all the interest rates declining to the lowest record on level, is that all
11:55 am
relative to the job situation out there? >> i think that's part of it. mortgage rates are very, very low as you say, most of the people who could refinance have already refinanced. so there's not as much refinancing activity as you would expect. after falling off after that home buyer tax credit expires. home sale activity is still quite low. so between not a the lot of people buying houses and people who can refinance having already refinanced. >> how about silver linings in the economy right now? >> the good news is what we've seen in the data, we're not falling off a cliff or going into a double dip recession. back in au, there were fears we might be heading toward a double dip recession. that doesn't seem to be materializing. that's got news. the bad news is neither is the recovery all that great. so we're chugging along but at a slow rate of growth, not enough to put people back to work. >> what about the announcement that b of a is joining two big
11:56 am
mortgage lenders sayering we're going to stop the evictions and foreclosed homes because there's an issue about the process being required to go forward. companies are saying people signed documents that want even read. >> this is a real mess. you have the entire foreclosure process kind of on edge, where we don't know how things are going to move forward. what kind of legal challenges there will be with former foreclosures. do you want to buy a foreclosed home if you're not sure whether there's going to be a lawsuit and maybe the buyer was foreclosed on incorrectly. so this could weigh on the ability of housing to find a bottom and settle out for months to come. that's just the beginning of this problem. >> can i ask you real quick, the sales of flat screen tvs are supposed to be real flat. >> consumers are under pressure. even as the economy keeps steadily improving, consumers are not feeling confident. they're not confident they're going 0 see a raise or see their
11:57 am
incomes rise. that's one thing you cut back on is that big screen tv. that's a wrap. of our live msnbc coverage. stay with us for breaking news as it happens. i'm alex witt. i'll see you guys next week it not before. see ya. all the financial and business support they need. we provide financing for every bobcat dealer in north america. together, we've rolled out over 100,000 machines to small businesses all over the country so they too can grow. ♪ ge capital. we're there for bobcat every step of the way. ♪ will save us. [ crunch ] look! [ helicopter noise ] [ grunting ] [ male announcer ] introducing new wheat thins crunch stix.
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